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Bonjour ! My name is Judith, I'm a Dutch graphic designer living in France. On my blog I celebrate interesting places, spaces and faces, which means that I share my favorite design findings, interior design and my passion for houseplants (also in the Urban Jungle Bloggers community that I founded with my friend Igor). Regularly I bring you along on my travels and we discover new cities and countries "together". When not traveling, I live at Studio Sapique, an iconic industrial building from the 60s, that we entirely renovated. It's our workplace, our home, our "castle" just outside Paris. Below you'll find my virtual wishlist with some of my favorite products. I hope you like it!


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  • , Véronique Maire Matea
    Cantine 12 vase
    By Véronique Maire

    Vase in cork and glass. Dia 12,2 cm - h 18,5 cm


    Design Veronique Marie. The Cantine vases family was created from the diversion of this classical stackable glass which marked our childhood. Each vase is named by a number as a winck to the numbers that appear at the bottom of the glasses. It reminds us of the game we have all played that consisted in asking the question "how old are you?" and then look in the glass to get an answer. So, the renewed use of this glass, like the madeleine of Proust, combined with various cork hats, allows the vase to reintroduce happily this emblematic object in our adults'lives.


    5 styles are available, from a soliflore to a vase. Glass can easily be detached from the cork structure for cleaning dishwasher safe.

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  • , Ole Jensen Matea
    Jensen Bowls
    By Ole Jensen

    Set of 3 bowls melamine, pink and blue. 30/100/200 cl - Dia 15 / 20.5 / 27 cm - h 6 / 8 / 10.7 cm


    Design Ole Jensen. The practical Jensen Bowl is now being launched in two new color combinatios. With the Jensen Bowl, Ole Jensen has designed a product that combines both the preparation and serving of food. The bowl has a spout to accommodate easy flowing fluid as well as more viscous substances. The Jensen Bowl is an extremely usable and beautiful bowl that calls attention to the quality in the ordinary. 


    The idea for the Jensen Bowl came from the desire to design something ordinary. Ole Jensen’s designs are characterised by their high quality and the Jensen Bowl is no exception. The bowl has a simple and accommodating round shape with no sharp edges. Its characteristic spout is a natural extension of the bowls upper edge. Just as Ole Jensen hand-moulded it in clay to begin with. At the same time, the spout adds a distinctive expression that makes the Jensen Bowl unique. It is quite simply an extraordinarily ordinary bowl.


    Ole Jensen says: "Sometimes one should focus on the ordinary to be able to see the exceptional. Rather than trying to make the bowl special and different I wanted to accentuate the simplicity of the shape. I wanted to make a bowl that is a bowl - very much a bowl. No more and no less."

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  • , Ionna Vautrin Matea
    O jug
    By Ionna Vautrin

    Glazed ceramic jug, white. Dia 8 cm - h 28 cm


    Design Ionna Vautrin. Ô is a family of accessories laade out of clay composed by a vase, a jug and a basket. As a trio of very expressive characters, together they seem to sing, scream their lungs out, chat... Stocky, slim or plump... Their morphology is very different but they are linked by a generous and strong look.


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  • , Véronique Maire Matea
    Koi Mirror
    By Véronique Maire

    Mirror in lacquered natural lime, pink. 21 cm x 14 cm - h 15 cm


    Design Veronique Marie. Ki Ko Koi mirrors are a nod to Japanese dolls called Kokeshi, which are good luck charms.
    Depending on the model, these mirrors are animated by a face, an eye or a mouth which becomes its spirit.

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  • , Philippe Ferreux Matea
    Balls magnets
    By Philippe Ferreux

    Set of 3 magnets balls natural beech wood. H 6.5 cm


    Designed Philippe Ferreux. Magnet ball beechwood French forests, equipped with a powerful magnet that supports up to 12 A4 sheets. Manufacturing : French / Swiss.


    White bristol presentation box.

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  • , Arik Levy Matea
    Candle Jar lights Collection
    By Arik Levy

    Candle jar made from aluminum textured cast iron, black 10 cm x 6 cm - h 4 cm


    Design by Arik Levy. A collection of pure and sleek design candlesticks and candle jars. The handles allow you to move the candle holders with ease.

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