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Following the creation of a first decoration  and interior design counseling agency in Paris in 2008, Matthieu Hagel franchising the mhdeco concept in 2013.

Since Matthieu Hagel is constantly developing its branch network mhdeco across France.


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  • , Josep Vera Matea
    Slice clock
    By Josep Vera

    Table clock in lacquered MDF. Small model : Dia 22 cm - 6,5 cm


    Table clock handmade in Spain with German machinery.

    The Slice clock is available in three sizes (Small / Medium / Large) and in three finishes (Color lacquered / Wood veneered / Metal effect). There are 7 colors of lacquer (White, Black, Pistachio, Orange, Garnet, Gold, Silver), 3 colors of metal effect (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and 4 shades of wood (Wenge, Oak, Walnut, Beech). Black, chromes or white needles depending on color.


    Contemplating time differently and enjoying it, it is a common wish that we would share with you, in Tothora we design and manufacture by hand our clocks, minimalist and unique forms, asymmetrically displacing hours one side, transforming them into unique pieces


    Clock made to order*. Colors and materials displayed at the pictures may differ slightly from reality due to its natural procedence. A counselor will contact you after your order to define the lacquered color or wood shade.

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  • , Form Us With Love Matea
    Unfold Suspension
    By Form Us With Love

    Silicone rubber suspension, yellow. Dia 32.5 cm - h 29.5 cm 


    Design Form Us With Love : "The industry lamp is a classic, and sought-after design that we are excited to provide a new perspective on. Our interpretation of the industrial design classic comes in a refined material that gives the lamp a modern and warm appearance. The soft silicone rubber gives Unfold a modern and warm personality. It also enables the lamp to be folded into a neat package by a slight push on the top. Just open and unfold your new lamp.”


    Bulb not included (Max : 220V-240V, 50Hz, 100W). The nuance is added to the high-temperature silicone. Diffuser and socket support laser cut. Extruded cord.

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  • , Paul Bellila Matea
    Hat set table
    By Paul Bellila

    Set of 3 side tables in solid oak wood and lacquered plywood.


    Gray model : 40 cm x 60 cm - h 36 cm (storage 14 cm)

    Turquoise model : Dia 34 cm - h 54 cm (storage 18 cm)

    White model : Dia 42 cm - h 44 cm (storage 12 cm)


    Designed Paul Bellila. Hat is a sweet table and practice that offers mobility and storage. In whole or individual, it can modulate your interior.

    Its consists of two parts:

    - 4 feet in varnished oak

    - 1 box which can be used as storage space against lacquer plated bendable


    The Hat tables are also sold separately : grey model, turquoise model and white model.

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  • , Nadia Arratibel Matea
    Bob table
    By Nadia Arratibel

    Table with stained beech wood frame and top. 90 cm x 90 cm - h 75 cm


    The organic sweetness of nature inspires forms of Bob family, a nice picture for rooms that invite to rest in harmony. Nordic inspired designs.


    All models shown on this article sheet have a stained beech top and structure.

    The Bob table also exists with a stained oak structure and with several top finishes (Laminated + Birch plywood, Arpa Fenix, Tinted oak, Ceramic), on quote.


    Furniture made to order*. A counselor will contact you after your order to define the tint of wood. The table can be equipped with pads, on request.

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  • , Jonas Wagell Matea
    Swell sofa 3 seaters
    By Jonas Wagell

    Sofa 3 seaters in Gabriel Medley textile, steel feet. 235 cm x 92 cm - h 70 cm


    Design Jonas Wagell. Swell is a minimalistic collection of living room furniture with a playful, light-hearted feel. The Scandinavian simplicity of Swell is accentuated by a stringent design without unnecessary details. In spite of this, Swell oozes with character and personality and the soft, curved shapes give the furniture an inviting look and ensure a fantastic sitting comfort. The name Swell is a reference to rising bread. Swell has a full shape, consisting of a robust padded back and seat and two curvy armrests. The stitching on the back and the seats divides the sofas into sections and completes the feel.


    Jonas Wagell says : ”I've always been fascinated by minimalism, but I like to add a warm and personal touch to the products. I have taken the aesthetic and practical qualities that I prefer in furniture for the living room as a reference point and in this way, Swell very much reflects my own personal taste and style.”


    Furniture made to order*. Seat height : 42 cm. Swell is available in fabric Gabriel - Medley or fabric Gabriel - Breeze Fusion. Normann propose a range of diverse and varied colors, from neutral shades of gray and brown to deep calm shades of blue and purple, to shades of yellow, red and green bright, energetic, and a classic black. A counselor will contact you after your order to choose the fabric color.

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  • , Karim Rashid Matea
    Mirage mirror
    By Karim Rashid

    Decorative mirror made from acrylic glass mirror 3 mm. 50 cm x 98 cm


    Addiction collection , design by Karim Rashid. Mirage wears thin strips whose rays deviations give the impression that the space that reflects is an illusion ... Mirage offers the possibility to create its composition by multiplying the mirrors.


    Easy to install this mirror contains double-sided Velcro pads for an easy installation and removal.

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