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Selig & Renault is an interior design and communications agency based in Paris, which xork on projects all over France, Europe and even further.


Alexandra and Carl did not met at school but at GREY-WPP advertising agency.  She was the accounts manager and he was the creative director. They were used to working on advertising campaigns, managing clients briefs, presenting creative concepts for famous brands such as Nokia and Apple and decided to apply their creativity and communication skills to interior design. After many projects achieved on their own, they choose to join forces.


They like work a design style that goes further than passing fads and trends, feel the harmony of a place and bring well being and comfort with no aesthetic compromise, respect the history of a place thus setting it off to its advantage, set the scene based on a concept or a specific theme.


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  • , Inga Sempé Matea
    Vapeur lamp
    By Inga Sempé

    Table lamp in tyvek and white lacquered metal base. Small model : 35 cm x 54 cm - h 63 cm


    Design Inga Sempé. Weightless in our interiors. The Inga Sempé Vapeur collection uses the mechanical and structuring qualities of the pleat to create strange and large lighting volumes. The Vapeur collection designed by Inga Sempé in 2009 joined  the F.N.A.C collections, fond national d’art contemporain in 2012.



    Bulb E27 13W not included.

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  • , Yarussi Alvarado Matea
    Aoba ceiling light
    By Yarussi Alvarado

    Cardboard suspension. Steel finishes. Dia 61.5 cm - h 15.5 cm


    Designed Yarussi Alvarado. The Ondula series is a collection of handmade lamps from our workshop in Spain. Our cardboard lamps, handmade, shapes and textures combine unusual. The layout of each slice of cardboard gives the whole a unique combination of light and shadows for beautiful homes, day and night.


    Bulb not included (E27 60W max). Red cable 150 cm, adjustable height. Dry cleaning.

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  • , Anita Johansen Matea
    By Anita Johansen

    Oak wood daybed, seat in light gray wool. 180 cm x 80 cm - h 40 cm


    Design Anita Johansen. Anita Johansen graduated from the Danish School of Design in 2012. His "Daybed" is made from traditional Nordic materials, and consists of two parts : a simple structure made of oak wood and a thin layer of wool, soft and padded (Kvadrat / Hallingdal wool).


    Furniture made to order*.

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  • , Alessandro Mendini Matea
    Peyrano box
    By Alessandro Mendini

    Chocolate box in 18/10 stainless steel, oval, with cover. 28 cm x 18 cm - h 12 cm


    Designed by Alessandro Mendini in 1990. "Like life, a box is an enigma: it's an infinite system of surprises to be opened, mysteries to be revealed. If you use this box for chocolates, which it was designed for, it becomes a secret treasure of hidden delights. Or you can use it as a repository for the little things that matter to you, for your special memories. The shape is a deliberately melancholic allusion to the mysterious face of a sleeping person." - Alessandro Mendini

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  • , Suricata Studio Matea
    Touch commode
    By Suricata Studio

    Oak dresser, outside in 100% solid oak, interior in veneered MDF natural oak. 56 cm x 56 cm - h 148.5 cm


    Suricata Design Studio. Solid drawers with articulated system. Iron base, matte black electrostatic paint. A chest of drawers with a round shaped silhouette that reveals the wood flexibility and beauty, and wakens the desire of feeling its shape by touch. Touch stands out for the elegance with which the combination of natural oak with iron was achieved. Designed for storage purposes, touch is an object that appeals to our senses and to the most sophisticated tastes. The most sophisticated tastes.


    Furniture made to order*. Packaged in a plywood box.

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  • ,  Matea
    Chinese Man lamp
    By Nexel

    Copper table lamp. Dia 39 cm - h 50 cm 


    Copper metal treated or painted matte black, with a tilting head that makes him look nod, she takes his exotic figure in our everyday world.


    Lighting made to order*. Bulb not included. Source: E27. Voltage 230 Vac. Power : 60W.

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