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My name is Julie. I'm 20 and I'm a pure "Cassidenne". Yes yes this small town in Marseille border with 7 446 inhabitants in the year and not one more ! (And I am very proud !)

I am passionate about decoration and farther than I can remember.

I am an artist fan of creative arts and misunderstood by almost everyone but it may well be the artists own after all.

I love chocolate, ice cream, aperitifs and wine (and chocolate !)

I love being overwhelmed, do a million things at once (not always but what counts is to try right ?)

I love skiing, cooking (and eating what I cook), enjoy the sun and just people that I love.

This is to share with you my passion for decoration, my desires and my advice I have decided to create Soo Deco. After training and weeks of thinking I have "given birth" of my first article March 19, 2016.

Since I try to write up and I let my love the difficult task of putting hands dirty for all that is organizing the blog ...

And now I think I have you not say bad about me, I hope you find Soo Deco full of ideas and inspirations !


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  • ,  Matea
    Kagami mirror
    By Reine Mère

    Standing mirror in solid beech. 28 cm x 8,5 cm - h 27 cm


    Solid beech from eco-friendly forest, mirror in copper-free glass, made in Franche-Comté and Midi-Pyrénées (France).

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  • , Simon Legald Matea
    Form Rocking armchair
    By Simon Legald

    Rocking armchair in plastic and oak. Grey model. 56 cm x 65 cm - h 73 cm (seat : 38 cm)


    Design Simon Legald. Simon Legald present Form, a reinterpreted range of chairs and tables that combine a strong design idiom with comfortable curves and an innovative industrial production technique. The name Form reflects the designer´s inspiration drawn from the design of chairs throughout history. With a soft silhouette that merges with a rigid Nordic wooden frame, Form is Normann Copenhagen’s idea of the perfect chair.


    Simon Legald has been ambitious in his design of Form and in this has challenged the traditional type of construction seen in a chair. The goal was to create a chair with a cohesive and unified look as well as a natural integration between seat and base. In order to achieve this, Normann Copenhagen has developed an innovative and sleek mounting solution consisting of four moulded plastic connectors, which fit perfectly to the seat of the shell. This almost makes it appear as though the legs are growing out of the seat.


    Simon Legald : "I had an idea of what the ideal chair should look like, and I have had this for many years. I wanted to unite the frame and the seat in a way I had never seen before. I have analysed hundreds of chairs from different periods during the design process. To me, form is the essence of design. Form is what makes a product recognisable and sets the design apart from other products. Form is the first thing you see, you then experience the function. Form is also where a designer can put his personal stamp on a piece of furniture or a product."


    Furniture made to order*.

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  • , Nicholai Wiig Hansen Matea
    Geo Vacuum
    By Nicholai Wiig Hansen

    White and beige vacuum in plastic. Dia 16,5 cm - h 20 cm - 1 liter


    Design Nicholai Wiig Hansen. A minimalist design featuring masculine, sharp edges fused with bright and lively colour combinations. This is the essence of the Geo Vaccum Flask, designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen. Geo has a rigid and geometric shape which has been stripped of all unnecessary details to unveil a stylistic design. Geo holds warm and cold drinks in a stylish way and is available in six stunning colour combinations.


    Nicholai Wiig Hansen explains : “My idea behind GEO was to make a vacuum flask that has character. I have worked with the various lines, circles and forms of the vacuum flask to create a geometric harmony and to give the flask weight and stability. Its shape is what gives Geo a sharp and graphic expression, and the masculine design perfectly counterbalances the lively colour combinations.”

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  • ,  Matea
    Cute cabinet
    By Bloomingville

    Dark grey MDF drawer storage unit, leather handles, metal feet. 60 cm x 35 cm - h 95 cm


    The fall and winter means shorter days and longer nights, the perfect time to brighten up your home with Bloominville furniture, and enjoy the many new designs and materials proposed by the brand. A unique opportunity to create a style house.


    Furniture made to order*. Furniture delivered assembled. 

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    Divine armchair
    By Bloomingville

    Armchair in pink cotton and smoked oiled oak feet. 93 cm x 75 cm - h 93 cm


    The fall and winter means shorter days and longer nights, the perfect time to brighten up your home with Bloominville furniture, and enjoy the many new designs and materials proposed by the brand. A unique opportunity to create a style house.


    Furniture made to order*. 100% recycled cotton LUIS. Furniture delivered assembled. 

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  • , Seppo Koho Matea
    Aspiro ceiling lamp
    By Seppo Koho

    Natural birch wood suspension, red wire. Dia 50 cm - h 25-35 cm


    Designed Seppo Koho. Seppo Koho creations demonstrate a pure and timeless Scandinavian design. The lamps are Finnish birch which gives a warm feeling to light. The design of the lamps is both classic and contemporary and shape of the lampshade is simple and interesting. The collection of Secto Design is highly appreciated by both interior designers and decorators as for quality, functionality and timelessness that adapts to different styles.


    The lamps are hand made in Finland with PEFC - certified birch of Finnish origin. Secto Design lamps reflect the atmosphere of Finnish nature with its shapes and materials. Ecology is an important element in the production of the collection Secto Design. Manual work is demanding performed by experienced Finnish carpenters. The basic idea of the collection remained the same as in the collection grew.


    Bulb not included (Secto Design recommends the use of energy saving bulbs).

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