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Valy's blog is an inspiration blog deco animated by Valerie Klein. 



This blog was born in early 2010, initially to share my little creations. Thereafter it became a book of inspiration where I share my discoveries in decoration, creations, and my favorite artistic heart. 

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  • ,  Matea
    D2 lamp
    By Nexel

    White metal and wood desk lamp. Dia 36 cm - h 50 cm


    D2 is a multifunction lamp that finds use as well in a living room as a bedside or office. White metal or matte black and wood (plateau), it is also equipped with a USB connector to ensure proper charging of smartphones and tablets.


    Lighting made to order*. Bulbs (x2) not included. Source : E27. Voltage 230 Vac. Power : 2 x 60W. Black textile power cable 200 cm.

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  • , Didier & Stéphanie Matea
    Perfo shelf
    By Didier & Stéphanie

    Shelf in lacquered sheet metal. Ho Green model : 60 cm x 31,5 cm - h 19 cm


    The Perfo shelves are available in two sizes (Ho, Ba) and in four colors (Mustard, Turquoise, Green, Navy).

    The creations of Presse Citron are all made in France, they cultivate the will to develop an accessible design where the fantasy and the rigor are ordered in all harmony.

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  • , José Pascal Matea
    Etta Shelves
    By José Pascal

    Shelves in white metal and multicolor lacquered wood. Small model : 85 cm x 14 cm - h 130 cm


    Shelves, Rewind collection. Design José Pascal. Metal structure, lacquered wooden modules multicolored. Freedom in geometry. An impression of weightlessness. Singular spaces for singular objects. A playful touch of adjustability in colour.


    Furniture made to order*. The Kann Design products are entirely manufactured in Lebanon, complying with a sustainable development approach : all timber used is FSC certified. The artisanal production method allows manufacture tailor-made.

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  • , FX Balléry Matea
    Les Biches table
    By FX Balléry

    Table in natural oak, MDF white lacquered extension. Round model : 70 cm x 40 cm - h 40 cm


    Design Fx Balléry. Inspired by the elegance and contrast of young deers’s brown robes speckled of white, this collection of three coffee tables combines a contemporary white lacquer inlay, made by CNC tooling, and rustique type of solid wood furniture. Its results in generous, graphics and unique objects that highlight the traditional skills of Jura tabletterie and turning. A natural inspiration, reinterpreted and domesticated.

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  • , Mendes Macedo Matea
    Seis table
    By Mendes Macedo

    Side table in yellow thermocoated metal. Dia 50 cm - h 38,5 cm


    Design Mendes'Macedo. Seis, side/center table that works indoor or outdoor. With the touch of color that will stand out at your home ! 


    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • , FX Balléry Matea
    Brick Box
    By FX Balléry

    Box in lacquered hornbeam, yellow. 21 cm x 10 cm - h 6.5 cm


    Design FX Balléry : "I like the idea to deface or to reinterpret existing objects. When I was student in London I used bricks as tidy or to collect my loose change. These objects are a coloured, warm and elegant version of the English bricks." 

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