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  • , Ana e Carmo Matea
    Orikomi tealights
    By Ana e Carmo

    Set of 3 tealights in paper, model White / Yellow / Taupe. Dia 10 cm - h 7 cm


    Tealight origami. Made with high quality 160gr paper, with high cotton content combined with mechanical resistance, complies with the ISO 9706 standard on permanence, a guarantee of durability and conservation. Extensive collection of colours and combinations. 


    Candles included. Several trio colors are available on this article sheet, but you can also customize your colors by selecting the "At choice" option. An counselor will then contact you to define the colors.

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  • , José Pascal Matea
    Etta Shelves
    By José Pascal

    Shelves in white metal and multicolor lacquered wood. Medium model : 147 cm x 14 cm - h 107 cm


    Shelves, Rewind collection. Design José Pascal. Metal structure, lacquered wooden modules multicolored. Freedom in geometry. An impression of weightlessness. Singular spaces for singular objects. A playful touch of adjustability in colour.


    Furniture made to order*. The Kann Design products are entirely manufactured in Lebanon, complying with a sustainable development approach : all timber used is FSC certified. The artisanal production method allows manufacture tailor-made.

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  • , Arik Levy Matea
    Dissolve Full Mirror
    By Arik Levy

    Decorative mirror made from acrylic glass mirror 3 mm. 99 cm x 180 cm


    Addiction collection, design by Arik Levy. Both fixed and moving Dissolve Full is a very aesthetic mirror which decomposes itself by deforming what it reflects. The imaginary reconstruction of the rectangle formed by the mirror also reads like a puzzle that the eye mentally recreates .


    Easy to install this mirror contains double-sided Velcro pads for an easy installation and removal.

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  • , Beatrix Li-Chin Loos Matea
    Tramezzini duo of vases
    By Beatrix Li-Chin Loos

    Duo of vases in elm wood. 15 cm x 15 cm - h 14 cm


    Designed by Beatrix Li-Chin Loos. TRAMEZZINI is a vase duo composed of two triangles, each containing 3 glass tubes. Its originality lies in the graphic created by the crossing of the different layers of wood and the direction of their thread. It exists in elm or in beech. One can create original compositions according to his inspiration, especially by playing with several pieces. With a beautiful handmade finish, each vase is stamped and, by the veining of the wood, becomes a unique piece. And delicate engravings around the theme of reuse will challenge you...


    It is the famous Italian sandwiches called "Tramezzini" that lent their name to this vase in the original form. "At first, there were triangular falls from round table making, and in the interests of minimal loss of material, I wanted to keep that shape."


    Eco-design does not stop at packaging. The designer also explores an innovative and ecological concept around packaging. It is the aesthetic packaging that is reused because it is itself an object. To give it a second life, 7 cut-outs of coaster and 1 cut-out of under-bottle have been integrated. It's up to you to customize them to welcome your guests ... And do not hesitate to reuse the carcass: suspended from the ceiling and decorated with small LEDs, it transforms into an original luminaire with a singular aesthetic !


    The TRAMEZZINI vase exists in beech for a refined aesthetic, and in elm, essence of character thanks to its expressive veining. Made in very small series.


    Finishes : Natural hard oil BIOFA. Sold with 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

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  • , Iskos Berlin Matea
    Fiber chair swivel
    By Iskos Berlin

    Plastic and wood fiber chair. 54.5 x 55 cm - h 76.5 cm (seat 46 cm)

    Swivel model : Black feet, Nature seat.


    Designed by Iskos Berlin. The Fiber chair has been designed to balance maximum comfort with minimum space. The chair has been produced from an innovative bio-composite material that includes 25% wood fibres. From a distance, the shell appears to be normal smooth plastic, however, when viewed up close the tiny pieces of the wooden fibres become apparent, giving the chair a whole new character. Fiber chair is perfect to suit the individual home, office or other public setting.


    Furniture made to order*. Swivel chair 180 °. Fiber collection comes in different models (Wood, Tube, Sled and Swivel) and a multitude of finishes.

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